Suzi Island bring the grooves with new single | “The Real Life”

Brighton trio Suzi Island returns with new single “The Real Life”. Written about their departure from Uni and heading out into the “real world”, this beastly little banger is a track that captures their live performances perfectly.

Tropical guitars collide nicely against swimming synths to create a sound that instantly sits well with the hips, as the vocals croon out between the layers. Suzi Island do a great job building the track’s tension as keys are sunk into the mix to help create one of the most satisfying explosions of sound in the chorus. It’s happiness in a song, and we cannot stop smiling. “The Real Life” is a fantastic burst of sunshine that fits in nicely with our drunken “jars of sunshine” tweet the other week. As we incoherently stated, how can you hate sunshine? How can you hate this? You can’t. It’s brilliant.

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