Suzi Island talk about new single “The Real Life”, Football and Future Music

Suzi Island are a trio from Brighton and earlier this month they blew our minds with new single “The Real Life”. The track’s summery instrumental brought sunshine into our ears, and cemented the band as ones to keep an eye on. This is why we’re very pleased to have had an interview with Hugh of the band, in which we discuss their origins, “The Real Life” as well as their music attracting spots on various Football outlets. Enjoy.

Suzi Island is:
Hugh Reilly-Smith (Vocals)
Matt Carter (Bass)
Carlie Randall (Keys)

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Hey Suzi Island, how’s it going? It’s going gooooood! I’ve just made a cup of tea, and now I get to answer questions about my life. How could it not be good?!

First of all, what’s the story behind how you guys got together? I had a bunch of songs that I really wanted to play live, and Matthew has always been there to help write, perform, etc. Then we met Carlie and everything pretty much fell into place!

What can you tell us about your latest single ‘The Real Life’? For me this track really sums up a specific time in my life. We were just finishing uni, and I think around that period of time everybody gets huge anxiety and doubts about life, and how they’re spending it. It’s sort of an anthem for the anxious I suppose, in my head.

The single is quite an energetic beast of a tune. Is this what we’d expect to hear from your live shows? For me when checking out live music, all you care about is the performance. I think one of our biggest things is that we just love to put all our energy into making it a bit of a show.

How cool was it to hear your song ‘Actor’ played during half time of England’s World Cup match with Sweden last summer? It was MAD! We were literally just watching it like everybody else on the tv, and had no idea it was going to be on. I think we all called our family afterwards to check it was real, as we just couldn’t believe it was on.

You’ve also been featured on the soundtrack to Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. Is football quite a big part of your lives? I used to go see Southampton play when I was kid all the time. I love it. I have to admit though that Match of the Day has been a difficult programme to watch this year…

What can we expect to hear from Suzi Island this year? Are you planning to release more music? We’ve got bags more to show. This first song ‘The Real Life’ is just the start of our EP that we recorded with Pete Robertson at Warner. I just can’t wait to get it all out there to show everybody what we’re about.

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final comment, what would it be? Mr Baxter – I’m so sorry that I left school that day to go and busk even though you very sternly told me not to in front of the class. Hopefully it’s all been worth it though?

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