Arcade Fire – Everything Now | Album Review

Arcade Fire has returned with new album Everything Now. Since erupting into the mainstream with 2010’s seminal hit The Suburbs, the Canadian collective have tried to embrace a new sound that offered a little less realistic sadness and more disco-tinged nights instead. Their first effort – 2013’s Reflektor ­– delivered a catchy but bloated listen, like how’d you feel heading for the dancefloor after polishing off a curry. However, with Everything Now it seems Arcade Fire have trimmed down a little and avoided the curry, heading straight into the disco ball instead.

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Slowdive – Slowdive | Album Review

It’s always nice to welcome a band back after some time away. My library expanded with the entirety of Dinosaur Jr.’s discography when they returned with Beyond, and I did feel the pretentious hype behind My Bloody Valentine’s MBV. Another name to reintroduce is Slowdive, who after 22 years returns with their new album Slowdive. 22 Years is a long time to be away; it’s almost an entire me in time. I was only 2 years old when the Reading band released their last album Pygmalion. And now I feel old.

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Samantha Crain – You Had Me At Goodbye | Album Review


Samantha Crain returns with her fifth album You Had Me At Goodbye. The excitement for this album increased with the release of three singles, all of which given the instruction to showcase the eccentricities behind their creation as well as the sheer talent that went into enveloping each showpiece into one cohesive unit. “Antiseptic Greeting” was one track in particular that dazzled with it’s dreamscape instrumental and down to earth lyricism, delighting the eardrums with it’s blissful sound as well as it’s honest admission of not always wanting to do the right thing in terms of social cues.

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