Everything Everything – A Fever Dream | Release of the Week

Everything Everything are possibly the most underrated band around today. These guys have been politely digging away at honing their sound into one that adds a bit of depth and character to modern Pop music, and it’s only until 2015’s Get To Heaven that the masses began to notice. A Fever Dream is the band’s new album and it’s another dazzling display of Pop music with a bit of topical deepness to it.

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Arcade Fire – Everything Now | Album Review

Arcade Fire has returned with new album Everything Now. Since erupting into the mainstream with 2010’s seminal hit The Suburbs, the Canadian collective have tried to embrace a new sound that offered a little less realistic sadness and more disco-tinged nights instead. Their first effort – 2013’s Reflektor ­– delivered a catchy but bloated listen, like how’d you feel heading for the dancefloor after polishing off a curry. However, with Everything Now it seems Arcade Fire have trimmed down a little and avoided the curry, heading straight into the disco ball instead.

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Slowdive – Slowdive | Album Review

It’s always nice to welcome a band back after some time away. My library expanded with the entirety of Dinosaur Jr.’s discography when they returned with Beyond, and I did feel the pretentious hype behind My Bloody Valentine’s MBV. Another name to reintroduce is Slowdive, who after 22 years returns with their new album Slowdive. 22 Years is a long time to be away; it’s almost an entire me in time. I was only 2 years old when the Reading band released their last album Pygmalion. And now I feel old.

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