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Fulton Lee – ‘Water’ | Song of the Week

‘Water’ is the new single from Nashville’s Fulton Lee. With an EP to be released very soon, ‘Water’ is the first taste of a release that looks to deliver something a little outside the norm for the ears. With influences ranging from the likes of Little Richard and James Brown, this is a song that… Continue reading Fulton Lee – ‘Water’ | Song of the Week

EP Review, Release of the Week

Patawawa – Bedroom EP | Release of the Week

This has been one of the most anticipated releases of 2018 so far for me – Patawawa’s new EP Bedroom. It was only a month ago that ‘Patagonia’ strutted into the ears and left me wanting more, and after dealing with a week’s worth of computer issues I can finally check out the EP and… Continue reading Patawawa – Bedroom EP | Release of the Week

Single Review

Little Brother Eli – ‘Tooth’ | Single Review

Little Brother Eli is a fourpiece from Oxford and this is their new single ‘Tooth’. They’ve said that with this new release comes a little delve into a new direction as they experiment with disco rhythms and electronic sounds, something that appeals to me greatly. Disco is a former guilty pleasure of mine, until a… Continue reading Little Brother Eli – ‘Tooth’ | Single Review

Single Review

Fann & Dave Audé – ‘Shiny Things’ | Single Review

Sometimes we need to be told to lighten up a little bit. It’s so easy to get caught up in the mundane parts of life that we allow it to manifest and irk our little souls. Working in an office means this happens to me all the time, and then I listen to songs such… Continue reading Fann & Dave Audé – ‘Shiny Things’ | Single Review

Single Review

Indigos Paradise – ‘Prisma’ | Single Review

I’ve lived nearly twenty five years on this Earth feeling like I’d be described as a pretty rubbish colour, so I’ve always felt that you have to be a pretty eccentric character to be able to pull of the word Indigo. You could imagine my surprise when I discover Indigos Paradise and their new single… Continue reading Indigos Paradise – ‘Prisma’ | Single Review

Single Review, Song of the Week

Benny Mayne – ‘Bounce’ | Song of the Week

Benny Mayne is an emerging artist from Canada and this is his debut single ‘Bounce’. This guy’s debut single is a very NSFW listen with references to bouncing booties, shaking titties, sitting on faces and getting a wet...we’ll leave that there. Despite the naughty lyrics, ‘Bounce’ is very fun to listen to. It’s instrumental appears… Continue reading Benny Mayne – ‘Bounce’ | Song of the Week