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Cavalcade – ‘Bat Your Lashes’ | Single Review

You know how sometimes you feature an artist and it’s like your child coming home to visit? My little babies Cavalcade return with their new single ‘Bat Your Lashes’ and it looks set to be their heaviest track yet. Awesome. Kicking off with a heavy set of haymakers to the brain, this track immediately comes… Continue reading Cavalcade – ‘Bat Your Lashes’ | Single Review

Single Review, Song of the Week

St. Buryan – ‘Forget to Love’ | Song of the Week

St. Buryan is a five-piece from the North East. Having formed back in 2013, they have only just begun to embark on their musical journey, releasing a couple of singles that seem determined to add a little dose of sunshine into our lives. ‘Forget to Love’ is the latest to be released, and it’s just… Continue reading St. Buryan – ‘Forget to Love’ | Song of the Week