Single Review

Me Not You – ‘Surfers’ | Single Review

Me Not You are back with their new single ‘Surfers’. The duo from NYC blew my mind with their song ‘These Streets’ from the Reckoning 1 EP and look set to keep trucking while the iron’s hot with this new single. While past material seemed to rely heavily on guitars to take the spotlight, ‘Surfers’… Continue reading Me Not You – ‘Surfers’ | Single Review

EP Review

The Crowleys – Colours Change Their Tone | EP Review

Right now it’s Saturday morning and the sun is shining. Blue sky envelops the world in a blanket of sunshine and hope, while little Sparrows orchestrate the soundtrack to the start of the weekend. Most important of all, my cup of tea is still hot. Bliss. The Crowleys have just released their debut EP Colours… Continue reading The Crowleys – Colours Change Their Tone | EP Review

Album Review, Release of the Week

Fox Medicine – Greetings From Mars | Release of the Week

Fox Medicine are a duo from outer space and this is their debut record Greetings From Mars. Comprised of Neezy Dynamite on guitars/vocals, and Vinny Keeps on drums, these two have become personal favourites since the release of their Noise Nurse Demos and the subsequent interview we had which was all parts bizarre and entertaining.… Continue reading Fox Medicine – Greetings From Mars | Release of the Week

Single Review

Imperial Leisure – ‘Creeper’ | Single Review

Ska-Punk is something we’ve not featured on the blog before. I used to be hugely into the genre when the likes of Sonic Boom Six and The King Blues dominated my college days alongside the likes of NOFX and Anti-Flag but nowadays the only link I have to it is whenever Bruce brings it up… Continue reading Imperial Leisure – ‘Creeper’ | Single Review

Album Review

Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending | Album Review

Always and always and always and always. Franz Ferdinand have always been a reliable source of music to dance to, whether it be the storming highs of ‘Take Me Out’ or the danceable groove of ‘Lucid Dreams’, there’s something for everybody in the decade long discography of theirs. Always Ascending is the band’s newest effort… Continue reading Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending | Album Review

Single Review

Welles – ‘Seventeen’ | Single Review

Coming hot off the release of 2017’s Codeine EP, ‘Seventeen’ is the first taste of Welles in 2018. The singer-songwriter from Nashville has been steadily crafting a nice little space of the music industry for himself, with Codeine becoming a bit of breakthrough for him and the masses. ‘Seventeen’ aims to take hold of this… Continue reading Welles – ‘Seventeen’ | Single Review