Howlie – Laying in the Road | Howlie Week

Howlie Week has begun! Each day, Sounds Good will premiere a song from the new Dead Dog EP from Howlie. This is a huge honour as I’ve become a fan of his work since we got in touch last year and we’ve also become pretty good buds too. Today we’re premiering ‘Laying in the Road’, the closing track of Dead Dog, and this is what Howlie had to say on it:

“Tying directly to the subject matter of “Coconut Oil,” “Laying In the Road” is the ribbon that wraps up this dream pop experiment of mine. This was another song I couldn’t get to sound quite right on the acoustic guitar. It was missing something. That something turned out to be a Boss Chorus pedal, the Superego pedal by Electro-Harmonix, and an obscene amount of reverb.

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