Guide Dog – Lovely Domestic Bliss | Release of the Week

Guide Dog are a trio from Cardiff and this is their debut album Lovely Domestic Bliss. I’ve always been partial to a bit of domestic bliss myself, and have found that over the years I’ve learned how to achieve such harmony. As a male and a boyfriend, I’ve learned that the secret to keeping the peace is to just do everything you’re told and agree with everything. Everything. Sure, it’ll leave you a broken husk of a man, but at least you’ll be able to watch TV shows in peace.

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Arcade Fire – Everything Now | Album Review

Arcade Fire has returned with new album Everything Now. Since erupting into the mainstream with 2010’s seminal hit The Suburbs, the Canadian collective have tried to embrace a new sound that offered a little less realistic sadness and more disco-tinged nights instead. Their first effort – 2013’s Reflektor ­– delivered a catchy but bloated listen, like how’d you feel heading for the dancefloor after polishing off a curry. However, with Everything Now it seems Arcade Fire have trimmed down a little and avoided the curry, heading straight into the disco ball instead.

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Washed Out – Mister Mellow | Release of the Week

2010 was a strange era in Music as it was truly the time where the Internet was recognised as a solid platform for literally anyone to release music and have it heard. It was around the time that the “Vapour Wave” trend washed ashore, and I’ll always have Washed Out pegged down as the main contributor of that. But you know what they always say: if it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown, flush it down. Fortunately Washed Out’s new album is titled Mister Mellow, so there’s no need to flush today.

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