Good Sounds Playlist | 19.02.2018

Morning everybody! Welcome to another week, which means another round of good sounds courtesy of the Good Sounds Playlist! This week's playlist comprises entirely of artists you may not have heard before, which means it's 10 brand new artists for you to become a fan of! Awesome. As always, enjoy the sounds and make sure… Continue reading Good Sounds Playlist | 19.02.2018


Good Sounds Playlist | 12.02.2018

Happy Monday morning everybody! It’s time for another Good Sounds Playlist, which this week appears to be the sexiest playlist yet. Hot damn – the amount of cold showers that’ll be needed after listening to this will increase tenfold. I do apologise, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of naughtiness to spice up your… Continue reading Good Sounds Playlist | 12.02.2018


Good Sounds Playlist | 05.02.2018

It's Monday morning! We're all in places we don't wanna be! That means it's time to get some good music in the ears ASAP, and whaaaaaat!? The Good Sounds Playlist is here! I've decided to move it from Fridays to Mondays as Mondays are usually quite rubbish ain't they? What better way to kick off… Continue reading Good Sounds Playlist | 05.02.2018


Good Sounds Playlist | 29.01.2018

Good evening! Welcome to another week of Good Sounds, courtesy of the Good Sounds Playlist here on Sounds Good. Apologies for the delay in getting this out – I’ve had a tremendous saga with my computer which meant that nothing was able to be sorted while it was being looked at. This means that there’ll… Continue reading Good Sounds Playlist | 29.01.2018


Lauren Strange | An Interview With

This week’s interview comes from the wonderfully talented Lauren Strange. Lauren blew my mind with her Salt EP released at the end of 2017 and so you can imagine how fanboy-heavy I’m feeling right now having the opportunity to have a chat with her. In this interview we talk about Lauren’s beginnings, Salt, and any… Continue reading Lauren Strange | An Interview With