Island Apollo – “Feeling You” | Single Review

Island Apollo are a band from Southern California and this is their new single “Feeling You”. It’s all about supporting people who are in times of crisis, which is one of the nicest things the human race can do for one another. The other day I witnessed someone drop their ice cream on the ground and I consoled them. I threw an Xbox 360 at their head.

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Dom Rosenfield – “Off My Mind” | Single Review

Dom Rosenfield is an artist that dabbles in R&B and Pop, and this is his new single “Off My Mind”. The musician has been quietly making a name for himself in recent times, having clocked half a million plays on Spotify and featuring on BBC Introducing. It’s certainly good accolades that suggest a promising career is near.

“Off My Mind” excels in the low tempo, sensual atmosphere as it delivers some snip-snap percussion, easy going synths and scatty guitars that drift off into the night sky. This instrumental lays down a soulful sound that allows Dom’s vocals to provide numerous little hooks that keep you…hooked, and it’s all very good.

The Pale White – “Downer” | Single Review

The Pale White are a band from Newcastle and this is their new single “Downer”. It’s all about living the struggle of chasing someone who loves to be chased, and finally cutting loose from it. I had a similar situation in which I was walking home and saw a Domino’s delivery driver heading the other way, and to cut a long story short I’ve nearly completed my therapy sessions. This is a slice from their upcoming The Pale White EP, which is due out on September 29th.

With determined guitars and heavily beaten drums, “Downer” seems freed of it’s inhibitions as it lets loose with a dazzling display of riffs that seem to aim straight for the throat, with a little extra flare thrown in for the hips. The Pale White maintain this tempo throughout, producing what’s easily one of the more exciting singles of the year. Good stuff.

Alya Elouissi – “The One” | Single Review

Alya Elouissi is a singer-songwriter from London and this is her debut single “The One”, which has already been creating the buzz in it’s short life so far. With the purest of voices, Alya croons her way through a beautiful atmosphere that’s full of space but filled with pianos which seem to spread out with the loveliest little riffs. All of the extra room is taken up by the sheer surprising amounts of passion and emotion that seems to pour alongside Alya’s voice and it just makes for some real nice, uplifting listening.