Howlie – Dead Dog EP + Interview | PREMIERE

After four tremendous days full of premieres and buzz, Howlie Week is coming to an end. What a week it’s been as a lot of excitement and love was shared over each of the four tracks we premiered from Howlie’s debut EP, Dead Dog. It’s brought new listeners to Howlie’s music and new audiences to the blog. I believe that is what we call a rallying success! There’s one last premiere to deliver, and that is the DEAD DOG EP IN IT’S ENTIRETY. You’ve been able to listen to each song from it separately, but now from today you get to listen to the whole thing and remain in its downtrodden, reverb-heavy atmosphere forever.

Check out Dead Dog EP below, and have a little read to the interview that Howlie and I had too. In this interview we talk about the new EP, Howlie’s influences, stylistic choices, regrets and the success of Howlie Week. Enjoy. (Note: it’s an extremely long interview, so you get to listen to the EP many times!)

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Howlie – Take Me | Howlie Week

Howlie Week has begun! Each day, Sounds Good will premiere a song from the new Dead Dog EP from Howlie. This is a huge honour as I’ve become a fan of his work since we got in touch last year and we’ve also become pretty good buds too. Today we’re premiering ‘Take Me’, the third of four tracks on Dead Dog, and this is what Howlie had to say on it:

“”Take Me” is directly inspired by, and almost a rip off of, “I Love How You Love Me” by the Paris Sisters. That tune is just soaked in reverb, and it’s so gentle. I heard Jeff Mangum’s cover in the summer of 2015 and couldn’t stop listening to it. In August of that year, I had a two week period where I was blissfully unemployed. That was the most productive period of songwriting in my life, I must have written close to 10 songs in that time! “Take Me” came out of that batch, but I could never get the sound right. My axe of choice for Howlie has been the acoustic guitar since day one, so it never occurred to me to play it on an electric. I let it sit for almost 2 years thinking it wasn’t meant to be, or perhaps waiting for a new band to take the reins.

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