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Favourite Albums of 2018 | So Far!

Bloody hell, we’re halfway through the year already! It really shows how time is something we can never really control, as the second (pun) you feel in control, suddenly six months have flown by and you’re left wondering what the hell you’ve been doing. Fortunately, there’s been an absolute plethora of great music to help… Continue reading Favourite Albums of 2018 | So Far!


Good Sounds Playlist | 23.04.2018

Welcome to another week of new music! I was away last week in Amsterdam and the last said about it the better...but I'm home now and that means the Good Sounds Playlist is back! Enjoy! Good Sounds Playlist | 23.04.2018 Khaylan - 'Dancer' The Sedonas - 'For Once' Kev Howell - 'Snipers… Continue reading Good Sounds Playlist | 23.04.2018