Talk Time attack the bigger picture with new single | ‘Desperate Weather’

‘Desperate Weather’ is the new single from LA’s Talk Time. It’s a track about the discovery of the idea that people simply aren’t connected no more, and that despite having technology that essentially connects each individual together whether we like it or not, nobody’s making an effort to make friends, and that there isn’t a ‘bigger picture’ when it comes to life. Pretty heavy stuff indeed, but in my eyes I feel the only way to counter that is to make friends. We’re making friends right now, as we’re all agreeing that Talk Time’s new single is proper good, and that’s nice.

Despite the bummed out nature of the lyricism, ‘Desperate Weather’ features an instrumental that’s bold in execution. Booming drums kicks things off alongside a guitar riff that immediately swells the atmosphere, whilst acoustic chords sound off inbetween. The mid-paced tempo allows the vocals to be heard and gives the track time to bloom into a wonderful soundscape made up of various colonies of guitars.

Talk Time have produced a very creative, ambitious little number here. ‘Desperate Weather’ is an eye-opening, atmosphere widening listen and one that certainly shows off their talent. Nice work.

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