Tallsaint returns with her debut Hard Love EP. Having heard “Warm Skin” back in March and becoming enamoured by the single’s warbling synths and hard hitting beats, we’re certified Tallsaint fans and dead excited for this EP.

“Hard Love” leaves little time to prepare as within seconds it erupts with a blissful explosion of synths and percussion. With the mind caught off guard, the verses mellow to allow some time for orientation, bringing a downtrodden, moody tempo to the mix before rushing into the massive chorus once again. Tallsaint’s soaring vocals contend with the instrumental constantly, battling to be heard from the noise, and the result is a very good way to kick off the EP.

The ice-cool beats of “Skin Deep” align with the anxiety-driven lyricism of the track wonderfully, creating an exterior that holds off on emotion while ultimately admitting that it could pierce through the layers, much like the jagged synthesisers do through the instrumental. All of this melts away for the closing moments of Hard Love as “Comfortable Silence” opens with minimalist sounds, intimate vocals and a performance that shows Tallsaint at her rawest.

Hard Love is a superb EP from Tallsaint. Despite all of its lyrical content of anxiety, the EP isn’t bogged down with negativity, as it does a great job pairing it up with an overarching sense of euphoria that’s projected in massive choruses that are so enjoyable to hear. What a great EP and a great debut from Tallsaint.


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