“Warm Skin” is the new single from Tallsaint. Now three singles in with her burgeoning career, her latest effort for Dance to the Radio is the perfect way to kick off your morning commute. It details the “vulnerable but beautifully tender position of sleeping next to someone”, which would’ve caused us to write about how we’re not exactly the best person to sleep beside until we read further below…”yup, this feeling did come from me opening my eyes to see my cat [PJ Harvey] asleep next to me, but it also represents to me a feeling of true contentment.” Brilliant.

Whether human or feline, the act of sleeping in the same bed as another is one that stirs up feelings. There’s an air of intimacy to it, a comfortability of being so familiar with this additional being, and a vulnerability of exploring the possibility of being caught dribbling in your sleep. “Warm Skin” details this beautifully, with it’s Pop and Dance elements delivering a beat that bubbles away with delight, before letting loose with a chorus that absolutely frees the butterflies from the stomach.

There’s an uplifting spirit that exhumes from this track, and it celebrates the excitement and nervousness that comes with it’s topic. “Warm Skin” is a wonderfully catchy, tongue-in-cheek number that’s fun to listen to throughout.


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