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The Academic seem to be experiencing a steady rise into mainstream glory this year, and for good reason. We were notified of their potential back in 2016 with the release of single ‘Mixtape 2003’ and since then they’ve been ticking all the right boxes which has culminated in the release of debut album, Tales from the Backseat. My my, they grow up so fast.

There’s been a lack of youth enthusiasm-injected Indie Rock in the mainstream lately and The Academic look set to fill that quota very well. Opening track ‘Permanent Vacation’ is a track that sets the tone for the record: energetic guitars packed with sunshine-kissed melodies and absolutely steeped in hooks. This formula sticks throughout the album and results in a very enjoyable listening from start to finish, as well as giving you a nostalgic trip through your teenage years and summer holidays.

‘Bear Claws’ is the real success story for the band and is undoubtedly their biggest hit yet. The aforementioned formula shines through ridiculously here as the instrumental is simple but so effective, and paired off with the main vocal hook makes it almost impossible to not sing along to. It’s a modern hit akin to Circa Waves’ ‘T-Shirt Weather’ and brings just as much relatability to the mix too. It’s a great song.

Tales from the Backseat is a superb album from The Academic. These guys have entered the world of music with a sound that’s perfectly suited to the radio but comes with a slice of heartfelt lyricism and crazy addictive hooks too. Outside of the singles, the deeper cuts offer more of the same infectious qualities (‘I Feel It Too’, ‘Bite My Tongue’, ‘Northern Boy’) which makes the album a cohesive unit of good Indie music. It’s well good, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for these guys.

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