Big Pretty is the new EP from Philadelphia’s own The Bad Bees. I could ramble on here referencing bees and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia quotes but I wanna keep things brief. Let’s just see what the buzz is about.

Much like Big Pretty’s cover, The Bad Bees own a sound that’s slightly unnerving but full of colour and animation. Somehow a mannequin’s head embedded in some grass is oddly fitting here, as opening track ‘Paled by the Mood’ delivers forever-churning guitars against solid drums and floaty vocals to give this EP a real mellow vibe. The band are not afraid to change things up mid song too, as the track flits between melodic atmospheres to urgent breakdowns frequently, making this song even more enjoyable to listen to.

Lead single ‘Boowho’ offers more of the same but decides to entrap the listener into a whirlwind of guitars that seem to crunch and rollover throughout, taking the eardrums on a trip into repetitive glory. The Bad Bees keep it interesting by throwing all sorts of additional melodies and diddies in the mix too, not only highlighting their songwriting skills but also their talent in allowing songs to drag out into the four minute mark.

Big Pretty is an excellent EP from The Bad Bees. It offers a sound that is rather original in it’s execution, as it seems to collectively throw dreams and frantic riffs into the ears at once, allowing each of the tracks featured to offer something different with each listen. This band are very promising indeed, and I really dig that they’re not afraid to take things into the strange from time to time, as it results in some solid tunes (‘Karma Suits You’ is possibly my favourite) while also delivering solid singles too. Nice work guys.

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