The Blam Blams / New Single – ‘Throwaway Lines’

The Blam Blams are back with ‘Throwaway Lines’, their second single of the year. It’s another tease of what to expect from their upcoming album Opening Night, and also gives further backstory to the album’s fictional character, Sydney Fabel. Sydney is a bisexual actor/artist living in 1970’s London, which already makes this album sound pretty darn desirable.

Written about feelings of inadequacy and being ignored by loved ones, ‘Throwaway Lines’ is a song that yearns for communication and a need to be validated. Its repeated chorus of “Do I please you?” projected by impassioned vocals really drives home that sense of isolation, especially against the vibrant night life of the instrumental. Jangling pianos and seductive guitar riffs let loose throughout, dressed to the nines and ready for a good time. It creates a wonderful contrast between the layers, but overall sticks to being one of the most entertaining songs I’ve heard.

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