High Risk Behaviour is the new album from The Chats. These boys caused a stir with their Get This In Ya EP, which showcased their ability to perform straight up punk music with a startling combination of Australian slang and incredible mullets. You could not ask for more.

Boasting 14 songs that struggle to reach the half hour mark, this is a record that looks to offer more of the same straight forward, here’s-some-music-now-fuck-off approach that has worked so well for The Chats so far. This is confirmed immediately as “Stinker” opens with an intro that’s in its groove, leaving us as listeners to quickly acclimatise to the thunderous instrumental that’s already in motion.

Yet in spite of the brevity of the songs, this record comes with a ton of personality. Whether it’s the topics of eating pub grub, to getting sunstroke or its less favourable neighbour, the clap, The Chats do a great job at making sure each song has a hook to it that stands it out from the rest. There’s something genius about handclaps in the chorus of “The Clap”, and the grooves of “Keep the Grubs Out” and “Pub Feed” are simple, but very effective. Perhaps ironically, “Identity Theft” comes across as the best-rounded song on the record. Its flurry of riffs and ballsy admission of having a wank on camera makes for great listening.

High Risk Behaviour is a superb album from The Chats. It’s a record that doesn’t aim to tear your emotions apart, it just wants to give you a good time. I might not have a mullet in my head, but I’ve got one on my heart. Listen to High Risk Behaviour below and check out The Chats on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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