Right now it’s Saturday morning and the sun is shining. Blue sky envelops the world in a blanket of sunshine and hope, while little Sparrows orchestrate the soundtrack to the start of the weekend. Most important of all, my cup of tea is still hot. Bliss. The Crowleys have just released their debut EP Colours Change Their Tones, and their blend of ‘Psychedelic/Space Panzy Rock’ only helps to compliment these idyllic vibes I’m feeling this morning.

As the self-confessed description suggests, their sound is one that steps into the strange and celebrates. Opening track ‘Pink Rainbows’ leads proceedings with a dazzling display of swirling synths and guitars that conduct all manner of melodies, immediately flooding the airwaves with an absolute colour run of sound. This bright, vibrant world is made with the purpose to swallow you whole and leave you to settle in for the ride.

The first stop is the wondrous ‘Midnight Blue’, which skulks through the streets with snappy drums and guitar riffs that could go undetected in this undercover exploration of the night. It’s got a slight jazzy element to it, as the groove of the guitars collides nicely against the robotic vocals – almost throwing you back into the 70’s when ELO was conducting things. Next up comes the near-six minutes of ‘Stargazer’, which seems to teleport the setting to the middle of the stars, expanding this world into one of numerous dimensions. It’s rushed medley of guitars, drums and synths come together to create a hurried run through the atmosphere – somehow missing each stumbling block to make this the smoothest journey yet.

‘Girl What’ appears to jump back to reality and cram just one love song into the EP, which helps keep the EP grounded as well as ramp up The Crowleys’ relatability. It’s fast flurry of reverb-heavy guitars against walking basslines and pummelling drums certainly adds energy to the record, and definitely has a slight off-kilter 50’s groove to it too. It’s great. However the walk around Earth seems to be short-lived as we head back into the world with ‘L.A. Sunset’ which admittedly contains the coolness of L.A. but certainly looks far, far beyond the skyline.

We’re then treated to a finale worthy of closing out the EP. ‘Pansy Party Extravaganza’ dodge, dips, dives, ducks and dodges it’s way through the dancefloor, with it’s sumptuous instrumental of preppy drums, funky basslines, and wallowing guitars that shimmer across the floor with a cape full of glitter. It’s a wonderful way to bring an end to what has been one eye-opening experience, as Colours Change Their Tones becomes one of my favourite EPs of the year so far. I cannot wait to experience this all over again, and my cup of tea is still hot. Excellent stuff from The Crowleys.


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