The Fratellis return with new album In Your Own Sweet Time. These guys burst onto the scene back in 2006 with the still-excellent Costello Music and certainly left a mark on every Wedding, Party, Prom, WHATEVER with a couple of strong hits, but now look to have found their way again with this new record. I’m tempted to do the hook from ‘Chelsea Dagger’ but I am not going to rise to it.

Since their return in 2013, The Fratellis released a couple records that were decent but not worth shouting about, but it seems with In Your Own Sweet Time they have finally rediscovered the groove. Opening track ‘Stand Up Tragedy’ is a wonderfully catchy, punchy little number with upbeat guitar riffs alongside self-deprecating lyrics and it’s easily one of the more entertaining singles the band has released in recent years.

The likes of ‘Starcrossed Lovers’, ‘Told You So’ and ‘Laughing Gas’ offers up sounds that display the now-veteran skills of the four piece with each of them solid little listens, whereas ‘Sugartown’ and ‘The Next Time We Wed’ adds a little sprinkle of weird to the mix to keep up the enthusiasm the band always seemed to be full of on Costello Music. It’s a solid blend of decent cuts and catchy numbers, and the result is a record that definitely confirms that The Fratellis are back in full swing.

In Your Own Sweet Time is a great return to form for The Fratellis. While they have released decent records since 2013, this one really has hits the sweet spot of solid songwriting and eccentric qualities. It’s a surprise for one, but one that’s certainly welcome.

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