After a fresh rebrand, The Great Leslie emerge from the curtain with ‘Money’. This new single kickstarts a new chapter for the band, leaving their former identity behind and re-introducing themselves strongly with this absolute banger. I’ve thought about going through a rebrand myself, but soon discovered I cannot grow a full handlebar moustache. Nevermind.

The Great Leslie waste little time filling the room with ‘Money’. Its intro heads to the dancefloor, letting loose with a bassline that sinks into the hips to immediately catch us in its hook. The riff that follows also sets the tone to groove but comes with an edge that suits the theme of the song. Written about the failing of a relationship upon discovering how materialistic somebody is, the lyrics project the difference between two individuals and are sung with a freedom that really shines through the gritty instrumental.

Frontman Ollie Trevers brings a varied performance that showcases his ability, working excellently with the flow of the song during the verses and flitting between falsetto for the chorus. His voice almost acts as another instrument, contributing another set of harmonies that works well against the backing vocals.

Honestly, I cannot get enough of ‘Money’. From the slick grooves to the heavy-hitting riffs, it’s got everything to satisfy the needs. It is one of the boldest introductions I’ve heard in a long while, and I’m hoping this high level of creativity lasts. I am now a fan of The Great Leslie.

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