The Green Brothers is a three piece from my local end of Essex and this is their debut single ‘Something To Lose’. I proper enjoy discovering new bands in their infancy – it’s kind of like hanging out at a hospital, popping some headphones on, going up to newborns and going HEY, PLAY SOME MUSIC. Except not as creepy, or…illegal.

Anyway, ‘Something To Lose’ is a punchy single that introduces the world to the trio’s blend of Indie Punk. Frantic guitar riffs line up against a bassline that’s not afraid to strut it’s stuff while drums can be heard clattering in the background. It’s ballsy, and the easy flow of the vocals makes me think this’d be a great song to hear upon a night out. You know, the nights out where you’re trying to muster up the confidence to chat to some ladies. I would not know about that.

‘Something To Lose’ is a great song from The Green Brothers. It lays down a solid foundation for the trio to build upon and hopefully explore in future releases. Very excited about this promising band, that’s for sure.

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