Fresh off the release of debut EP Meltdown Mechanics comes ‘Red Strip Lights’, the new single from The Modern Strangers. As I’ve mentioned numerous times in the past, these guys are definitely ones to keep an eye on. Having now signed with BMG and preparing for an absolute rise towards the mainstream, this new single offers more of the ‘Coco Hello’ style of sound that got me into the band in the first place.

Bright, jangly pianos kick off ‘Red Strip Lights’ to form an instrumental that’s upbeat and always ready to groove. Falsetto leads the way and brings a flood of deep-rooted bass sounds that cut through the mix to fit with the theme of the track. Being about a troubled soul in need of an open club, the instrumentation is an urgent affair that’s frantically looking for solace. Personally, it always ended up being Liquid or Monday Mayhem, and that was the worst kind of solace anyone could find.

The Modern Strangers seem to have regained their stride with this new single. ‘Red Strip Lights’ comes from a time where the band’s sound was more upbeat and not as downtrodden in heaviness as we heard on Meltdown Mechanics which really allows them to show off their talents properly. It’s a blast to listen to throughout, and I want more.

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