It seems the summer of 2018 is the time in which new bands let loose with their debut records and allow them to run free, free into the wilderness. Go on, young Buffalo, roam free. The Modern Strangers are the latest emerging act to do this, as their debut EP Meltdown Mechanics has run full pelt into the festival circuit and cemented the duo as one of the most promising artists around today.

Kicking off with an absolute belter in ‘She’s So Cold’, this track immediately sets the tone with a series of booming synths, wandering melodies and grooves that could uplift any episode of Made In Chelsea. ‘Nothing On You’ follows with an instrumentation that struts its stuff through the airwaves with scuzzy bass boots and a sass that makes me wanna say “YAS, QUEEN!” It’s awesome.

Meltdown Mechanics is a great EP from The Modern Strangers. It seems to head into a slightly grittier direction than anticipated from past singles, but certainly excels at combining the heavier, guitar-led elements nicely with the summery synth vibes. ‘One of My Mistakes’ is possibly my personal highlight of the record, though the entire thing is dead good. Very happy.


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