The Modern Strangers – ‘She’s So Cold’ | Single Review

‘She’s So Cold’ is the new single from Made In Chelsea mainstays The Modern Strangers. These guys continue to build a bit of buzz about them, gaining all sorts of spots and accolades on various outlets throughout the country, and also produced one of my favourite singles of 2017 in ‘Coco Hello’, so the hype for this new single is becoming slightly uncomfortable right now.

This song has all the potential to be the flagship song of the summer. Booming synthesisers fill the airwaves with a beat that’s warm as the sun, and swells with humidity as it bounces off snappy drums and tickling guitars. There are hooks aplenty, and the chorus is so infectious it makes me sick. ‘She’s So Cold’ is another solid hit from The Modern Strangers, and it’s clear these guys are gonna have a huge year. Ain’t it?

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