The Noise Figures – Telepath | Release of the Week

Now THIS is a blast from the past. The Noise Figures are a duo from Greece and this is their new album Telepath. I stumbled upon these guys back in 2015 for the release of their previous album Aphelion and well, three years later; I’m ready to have my brain melted once again.

Aphelion is a record that seemed to expand far beyond the speakers, with a series of vast instrumentals built up with heavy guitar riffs and vocals that seemed to wriggle into your mind throughout. Telepath looks to do the same, having kicked off from where Aphelion set up camp and explore the rest of the atmosphere. Opening track ‘Taste Like Time’ batters down the idea of time and produces an equally time-bending instrumental filled with wandering guitars and drawling vocals that seem to roll on forever. This then spills out into ‘Strange Medium Child’ which introduces some chugging drums and guitar licks that seemingly flash past the ears.

This record would be a mindless descent into the insane BUT The Noise Figures do a great job at sprucing it up with little hints of Pop throughout. ‘Lethargy’ has a drum beat that perks things up, while ‘Out Of Touch’ delivers a riff that immediately gets me shaking my face, and don’t even get me started on the instrumental of the title track. Good grief that’s some good listening.

Telepath is a superb album from The Noise Figures. These guys are now three albums into their career and do not look like slowing down any time soon. They certainly know their stuff, and now we can all know that this is good stuff.

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