The Outcharms – ‘To Be Young and in Love’ / New Single

Back with their third single of the year, Yorkshire’s The Outcharms release ‘To Be Young and in Love’. I remember what it was like experiencing love for the first time. My palms would sweat constantly, I’d trip over my words and be exhilarated every time they’d reply to my message. It’s not too dissimilar to ordering a takeaway. That rush of blood when it’s on its way? Oh boy.

Renowned for their rock n roll sound, The Outcharms choose to dive further down that path on ‘To Be Young and in Love’. The jangly guitars and sheer amount of melodies give it a real throwback to 90s Britpop. A constant strike of cymbal in the background really brightens the track, acting like stars in its dreamy atmosphere. It also competes against the naïve tone of the lyrics, which bring a more grounded approach to falling head over heels.

‘To Be Young and in Love’ is a great song for anybody who currently fits the bill or can reminisce about it. Their influences ring out loud, but the song is very distinctly The Outcharms. Proper tune, this.

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