The Pale White return with new single ‘Loveless’. It’s their first offering of 2018 following the release of their debut EP The Pale White. The EP was a swaggering display of self-assured rock and roll that seemed to bleed into the ears with minimal effort, and ‘Loveless’ looks to bring more of the same from this promising act from the north east.

Complete with dirty basslines, rolling drums and almost filthy, distorted guitar riffs, it’s almost hard to not see how ‘Loveless’ could provide the soundtrack to the coolest walks you could ever take. Thunderous riffs fill the airwaves with all sorts of scathing hooks and leads that could tear the walls down and leave feeling like a defiant river of hot fuckin’ lava. It’s awesome.

‘Loveless’ is a superb track from The Pale White. These guys seem to be generating quite a bit of buzz throughout the country as they look to bring in a new wave of rock music to the masses.


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