After a year of delivering banger after banger and gaining the top spot on our illustrious Top 15 EPs of 2018 list, The Pale White return with new single “Medicine”. No doubt the band are milking that accolade to its fullest and rightly so, but their new single is another reminder that these boys have unlimited ideas when it comes to writing riffs.

A scuzzy riff pulses through the airwaves against a disco-influenced drumkit that sinks the intro deep into the bloodstream. As to be expected, the chorus erupts into a glorious wave of sound as driving guitars and melodies give you a high like you would never believe. No need to fret about chasing that high though, the band have it covered with a final section that ramps up the volume tenfold and delivers a listening experience that satisfies that itch immensely.

Honestly, we’ve no idea how The Pale White do it. “Medicine” is another track that drops solid riffs, high energy and GROOVE right into the ears. Their productivity cannot be matched, and we’re all rightly junkies for them.

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