The Pale White continue to show off their superb levels of productivity with the release of another new single titled ‘Peace of Mind’. The trio from Newcastle have featured quite a bit on the blog lately – having dazzled my mind with their excellent The Pale White EP late last year, and their other single ‘Loveless’ from earlier this year. Seriously boys, if you want me to turn Sounds Good into The Pale White Fan Club then just keep doing what you’re doing.

As to be expected from The Pale White, ‘Peace of Mind’ is a hard-hitting track complete with gritty basslines and even dirtier guitar riffs to throw yourself back into the heavy walls of sound that were built so strongly on The Pale White EP. The track also comes with a hint of groove too, allowing the heaviness to attack the hips as well as the face to really take complete control of your body.

‘Peace of Mind’ is another solid track from The Pale White. These guys are quickly becoming one of my favourite discoveries of the last year or so and I’m excited to hear where all this productivity takes them. An album perhaps? I hope so. They’ve clearly got the material for it.


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