While the modern music world loves to dabble in it’s synthesisers, grime and overlooking of the crimes of certain artists (Chris Brown, XXXTentacion), there’s something about a guitar with groove that you just cannot beat. Pun unintended. ‘Black Cats’ is the newest single from The Strips, and boy does it come with a lot of groove.

‘Black Cats’ harks back to a time where Led Zeppelin brought serious spice to the 70’s with songs such as ‘Black Dog’ and ‘Rock and Roll’ and everything just felt right with the world. People willingly let their hair grow and even their jeans grow long, and that’s the kind of vibes that ‘Black Cats’ brings. It’s a song filled with heavy hitting, danceable guitars and thunderous drums that seem to wanna knock you into place while the vocals rip and roar their way through the speakers. It’s a dominating performance, and one that makes me want to stay in place all night long.

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