Stardust Disco is the new EP from USA’s The Warhawks. Last year saw the quartet emerge into the world of music with their debut album Never Felt So Good and look to follow it up rather sharpish with this new collection of tracks. Productive little dudes, aren’t they? I, too, am being productive. Instead of watching Sex Education, I’m currently writing this at 10pm on a Sunday night, and that’s because my mum caught me watching it the other day. Otis was mid-wank.

This disco kicks off with the storming “Deliver”. Built with a huge wall of noise, fuzzy guitars and a driving drum beat, this is an opener that definitely delivers the goods. The raspy vocals gives me a Titus Andronicus vibe, which really helps push the notion that we’re about to be treated to something RAMPANT and GOOD. “I Can’t Wait” follows with another dazzling display of frantic riffage and a solid execution of hooks to cement just how good of an idea it was to listen to this EP, until we’re treated to a slight change of mood.

The closing half of Stardust Disco introduces a more emotive approach to the airwaves, as “Dire” eases into place with a slightly slower tempo and less need for noise. The instrumental remains catchy, but allows the vocals to be heard a little clearer, showcasing the sweet little vocal hooks that pierce through the chorus. “Other Side of Life” croons its way into the mind with bittersweet melodies and a real slice of Beatles, while “Don’t Give Up Your Heart” closes out the EP with a shimmering display of heartstrung, melodic goodness.

The Warhawks have delivered something great with Stardust Disco. Considering that they’re still relatively new to the music scene, this EP showcases a band that knows its sound already. It’s catchy throughout and peppered with some really entertaining instrumentals and hooks too. Solid stuff.

Listen to Stardust Disco below and connect with The Warhawks on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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