You know, sometimes you need to listen to something that makes you wanna get nasty. Like, get nasty. Ooh boy, that beat is nasty.  ‘Son of a Gun’ is the new single from The Yeahtones, and you know what? It turned me into a right bastard. I started flipping desks, throwing chairs, told people to frig off – I loved it.

An acoustic intro misleads the eardrums as The Yeahtones throw away the niceness with a riff that genuinely tears you a new one. It’s thunderous blend of psychedelic and guitars-in-your-riff immediately embeds itself into the skull. It’s got groove, it’s got swagger, it’s fully prepared to flip you off, and the band have no problem with that. I love the crazed breakdown that occurs in the middle of the track – as it descends into a bleeding display of wavering guitars and drums that seem to melt into nothingness.

‘Son of a Gun’ is a great song to get nasty to. The Yeahtones have got themselves a track that could easily fill the room with severe, angry noise and get an entire crowd of people dizzy in a bustling rage.

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