Thoughts blow our minds with debut album ¦ The Last Summer

Thoughts are a trio from West Beach and this is their debut album The Last Summer. Last week we checked out “Tethered”, the new single that sunk immediately into our good books and ended up being our first loved track since our return. It’s blend of Soulful and RnB elements created a recipe for something that emitted emotion and groove, making it extremely easy to fall in love with.

The soft introduction of “You and I” confirms that this sound is here to stay, as Thoughts ease their way into the airwaves in a way that puts everyone at ease. Fluid synthesisers create a night sky as warm bass notes sit deep, ready to gaze at the stars that’s illuminated into the atmosphere by the gorgeous chorus. The female vocals drift into the air as the drums lay down the rhythm and the band deliver this sound that’s just so easy to enjoy. What a start.

As much as the Soulful vibes dominate the direction of The Last Summer, Thoughts aren’t afraid to rough it up too. “Next to You” features an instrumental that allows the guitars to let loose a little bit, crunching their way through the layers of sound. “America” also allows some anthemic Americana vibes to slip through too. However, the main highlights revel playfully within their smooth confines, as “Summer Air” and “Listen to Me” croon their way into our hearts with their youthful exuberance.

The Last Summer is such a lovely record. It’s the kind of record that’ll make any occasion better. Chilling on a summer’s day? Check. Reading a book and avoiding interaction? Check. Thoughts have delivered something that’s effortless to get into, yet warrants the deeper listening to really appreciate their craft. What a record.

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