“Tethered” is the new single from West Beach’s Thoughts. With their new album The Last Summer out now, it’s the perfect time to sink your teeth into some feel good, soulful, summery tunes. Honestly, listening to this track puts us back in Orlando with our feet in the sand and our skin slowly roasting in the sunshine. Man, we need another holiday.

A laid back instrumental dazzles in bouncy pianos, funky drums and scatty guitars to immediately put you in the chill zone. The vocals sink their way through the layers and out of the airwaves to deliver a set of harmonies that always go down smooth, and the chorus? Oh man, what a sensual little bastard it is. The rush of female vocals tips it into a real soulful groove. “Tethered” is a fantastic song from Thoughts and they’ve provided the song for the summer right here.


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