Tia Gostelow – ‘Giants’ | Song of the Week

Tia Gostelow seems to be a bright spark for the future. Having entered the world of music in 2017, she has already broken through the million mark of streams on Spotify (pretty easily, it looks like) and already has a hit on her hands with ‘Hunger’, and now following the release of her debut EP Status Anxiety comes along ‘Giants’ as her new single. Whether or not the EP’s title signifies a little insecurity about how things are going, I think this little gem from Australia needs to be on everyone’s radar.

With pleasant acoustic strums and a peaceful melody, ‘Giants’ kicks off in a sweet tempo that’s hard to not bob along to. Tia’s vocals swishes and swoons through ranges of falsetto and keys, leading the track effortlessly towards it’s boom. My my, what a thunderous boom. A wave of instruments wash over the airwaves with the inclusion of drums and the lead vocal to make this reveal truly wonderful, and boosts this whole idyllic vibe even further.

‘Giants’ is a wonderful song and perfectly justifies why people are getting excited about Tia Gostelow. Time to join the crowd.

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