Tiffany Day’s “I’m Alive”

“I’m about to be so unapologetic about my music and pick my broke a** up off the floor. no more holding on to things until they’re perfect or professional–I’m releasing whatever the f*** I want whenever the f*** I want”. Did that entice you? It should. In a refreshing act of semi-rebellion against the music industry is where we find Tiffany Day‘s “mini-mixtape” I’M ALIVE. This four track mix tape sounds authentic, raw, and genuine because it is. Day herself is no stranger to music, having released numerous singles (and cool music videos) in the past, but this recent release is like a breath of fresh air because it feels genuinely human.

It sounds a little rough around the edges, a little rustic, because it is. In her four tracks she takes us through celebrating being alive in the titular “I’M ALIVE” with lyrics like “I’m alive thank God for everything, I’m not gonna cry no more about the things I cannot change”, to a lo-fi dreamy, staring-at-the-ceiling kind of sadness in “FROOTY LOOPS” with the most relatable line “most of the time I’m really happy, just not tonight”, to almost the sad sequel “SATISFIED?” giving us a voice to feeling inadequate to finally “COMMITMENT ISSUES” a strong testament to being alone, not needing nor looking for your special someone, and saying “RIP to your lover, I’m above you”.

Now, is this a technical masterpiece? No, it’s not even mixed, Day says. But that’s not the point! It’s not trying to be perfect, it’s trying to be human, trying to be alive. In a world of processed music and in a world where our society has a growing desire to be perfect, Day’s mixtape is refreshing to hear. It feels down to earth, from a real person with real feelings, straight from the source. It isn’t trying to impress anyone, yet it does so effortlessly. It’s unapologetic, real, and raw, and if you ask me, a lot of artists should be taking a lesson from Day.

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