Tiger Mimic’s banging Elephant Skeleton EP

Elephant Skeleton is the debut EP from Tiger Mimic. These guys are a four piece from London (via NYC) and they’re looking to bring a bit of life to the Rock scene. With an EP boasting five tracks, you will not be disappointed to give this a listen.

Opening with the title track, Tiger Mimic slip their way into the airwaves with an instrumental that’s smooth to the touch and impossibly sultry. The guitar riffs set the tone against a rigid groove, while the coolest of basslines make you feel like the coolest person in the room. We absolutely love the fluid vocal, which flit between male and female throughout the track, offering up numerous sections and textures that really help keep things fresh. What a great way to kick off the EP.

The strong chemistry that comes with the syncopated guitars and vocals on “Don’t Cover Up My Eyes” only makes it strange that this is only Tiger Mimic’s first EP, and those harmonies? Oh man. “I Took Off My Body” follows suit with an equally grooving performance that sees the guitars lay down licks that are too hot to touch, before the crushing sounds of the dominate “Salt Woman”.

Simply put, this EP is awesome. Tiger Mimic have got themselves a superb EP in the form of Elephant Skeleton. It manages to shift into numerous directions throughout each of the five songs featured, and does so in a way that keeps thing concise without ruining the momentum. It’s so much fun listening to this, it’s so good.

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