Toby Charles smashes it out the park with new EP | Spaces In Between

Toby Charles melted our hearts back in 2017 with his All My Words EP, and now we’re ready for him to do the same again. Spaces In Between is his new EP and it looks to build upon the raw talent of young Tobias as well as all of the sounds we heard on it’s predecessor. Tissues are at the ready.

Lead single “Same Old Thing” kicks off the EP with a quick reintroduction to Toby’s soulful voice and the equally smooth chords. There’s a laid back vibe similar to Jack Johnson present, and Toby does a great job keeping things bright with the snappy drums and Poppy harmonies. The chorus is a gloriously catchy bop that immediately transfers you to a hot summer’s day. Oh how we’ve missed you Tobes.

“She Moves” features a chorus hook that’s easy to get anybody moving, before the sobriety begins to falter on the palm muted verses of “Alcohol”. Toby’s vocals shine beautifully on the heartstring pulling sounds of “Gracie”, delivering a performance that showcases his talents against a Jazzy instrumental.

Spaces In Between is a brilliant EP from Toby Charles. It’s clear that the Worcestershire musician has bundles of talent, and this EP does a brilliant job of highlighting that. It uses the foundations created by All My Words and builds freakin’ CASTLES on top. It’s immense.

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