I was two hours and perhaps five pints away from getting ready to croon Donna Summer’s ‘Hot Stuff’ to the masses at the Noak Bridge pub on Friday night, but settled for this instead. It’s also the new name of Toledo’s new single, and the first taste of what to expect from their debut EP, which will be dropping in February 2019.

While it doesn’t quite look to grab the dancefloor like Donna Summer’s hit, ‘Hot Stuff’ offers a much more mellowed sound that revels in intimacy. Complete with surf rock drums and floaty vocals, Toledo’s ‘Hot Stuff’ is an effortless breeze in a calming atmosphere. I really dig the noodled guitars, dropping melodies of various shapes and sizes like sand that’s riding on an ocean wind. It’s a chilled vibe throughout that easily chills things for a minute or two, and I can’t help but listen to it on repeat.


  1. Nice review of an equally nice song. But what is guitar ‘noodling’? I’ve seen that term used by a couple of other bloggers, but am clueless as to its meaning (which actually applies to a lot of my thinking).

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