Killer is the newest EP from Boston’s Traverse Town. These guys have been around for a couple years now and have been busy carving out a slice of some sweet synthy goodness, delivering a sound that really hits the right notes on this EP.

Lead single ‘Killer’ kicks off the EP with a modern take on classic synthesiser tunes with a killer hook, driving drums and synths that produce superb beats. It’s a great way to open up the EP and the guitar solo at the end is sensual as fuck. ‘More of Me’ follows with a more guitar-focused sound with an instrumental that’s filled with sunshine and tropical vibes, creating a nice contrast against the lyrics.

This seemingly blends into ‘Signs’ which looks to expand on the emotive elements and produces a much heavier mood, with the vocals taking the spotlight while the instruments take less of the stage but still ensure there’s a couple catchy moments involved. ‘Saturday Night’ closes out the EP with a quick burst of feel-good, nostalgic vibes with it’s shimmering synths and excellent hooks, including some excellent sax. Awesome.

Killer is a superb EP from Traverse Town. Within four songs it succeeds at taking the listener on a journey of different directions and moods, while ensuring there’s a constant supply of accessibly nearby. It’s great.

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