Trophy Wife / New Single – ‘On the Phone’

With a slew of low-key, great releases throughout 2020, Trophy Wife returns with the equally great new single ‘On the Phone’.

Trophy Wife has been releasing proper bangers this year. The project of Ruby Smyth landed on my radar back in April with ‘Beauty Queen’, a song that radiated a mellow energy with some seriously funky vibes. Now with new single ‘On the Phone’ these vibes are fully realised and ooh boy, time to take a trip to funky town.

‘On the Phone’ begins with this lo-fi disco groove that’s slightly distorted but ready to strike. The drums snap into place, delivering a rhythm straight from the 80s and complete with the slightest of contributions from percussion in the background. Trophy Wife’s vocals dance effortlessly between the layers, skating between the little skits of guitar that flit through the verses. Everything about this song is so catchy, and I cannot get enough of it.

With her debut EP set to be released soon, the last three singles from Trophy Wife has made it one of my most anticipated of the year. ‘On the Phone’ is a great song.

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