TS Bright are a duo from Las Vegas and this is their new single ‘Come Back Soon’, which we’re extremely happy to premiere to your ears today. This is only their second ever single, following on from their debut ‘Overrunning Order’ so these two are very much still little tiny babies in the world of Music. HOWEVER, these little babies in particular absolutely know how to make a song for the summer. Yep, prepare to dedicate Summer 2018 to this song, because it’s that good.

‘Come Back Soon’ is a delightfully complex song filled with numerous layers of guitars. Acoustic and Ukulele chords are heard throughout, and while the use of the Ukulele immediately puts TS Bright in the good books, it’s the way the duo combine these elements with fuzzy, electric guitars to turn this simple, summery tune into one filled with edge, personality, balls. The electric guitars perform all sorts of melodies throughout, and really help add some depth and texture to the song overall. This paired with the wondrous female vocals really adds some heartfelt emotion into what could have been so easily a simple, summer tune.

‘Come Back Soon’ shows that despite their infancy, they’re certainly assured and confident in their sound and the result is a song that’s ridiculously catchy and enjoyable throughout. TS Bright have easily made a new fan in me, and I can’t wait to hear what else they have planned in future.

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