Two Meters returns with The Blue Jay EP. Last year we featured Two Meters, a debut EP that absolutely tore our heartstrings apart with a stark set of songs, all opening up in themes of death and loss in a way we hadn’t encountered before. It was a brutal, emotional listen and now we’re prepared to do it again with this new EP.

Elements of Hardcore, Emo and Post-Punk chime through “The Morning Train”, with synths chugging along with a sound that’s industrialised and warped in mechanical rigidity. “Pools” follows with an equally dense performance. Tyler Costolo’s vocals wade their way through the heavily layered instrumental, composed of coolly strummed guitars and weeping synths in the background. This soon makes way for a series of distorted noise and screams that’s pure emotion, thrusting all sorts of pain and anguish into the ears.

The Blue Jay EP is a superb EP from Two Meters. It does a great job detailing all of the emotions and allows them to be as extreme as possible. Whether it’s the aforementioned distortion of “Pools” or the dual vocal/yelping of “Ground”, this EP uses numerous tools to make you feel everything too. There’s a nice blend of soft and hard moments, and it’s just a solid listen throughout.  


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