Following the release of ‘I Followed’ comes ‘Lost Myself’, the new single from the nice young man known as UNBLOOM. This guy has been killing it lately and has been responsible for dropping banger after banger over the last year or so. Infact, he’s got so many bangers he could be a butcher. Awful joke, but seriously, this new track is good.

What I enjoy most about UNBLOOM’s music is the level of depth it has. Sure, the instrumentals take the spotlight with their immediate, sugary-sweet goodness but it’s the lyrical content that makes it more than just another dance number. ‘Lost Myself’ is a song that wishes to bring back the version of UNBLOOM pre-breakup, and illustrates it with an instrumental that sounds straight from the This Could Be Everything EP days.

Synthesisers lead the way with a blend of shimmering sounds and anthemic beats that could get any dancefloor jumping. The blips of bassline drop little breadcrumbs of Funk into a mix that has all the urgency and fire to get the hips moving, and it works so well against UNBLOOM’s vocals. The soaring notes crooned through auto-tune add an extra metallic element to the track, and it just sounds so good.

UNBLOOM can do no wrong in my eyes. ‘Lost Myself’ is a great track and one that adds so much colour and vibrancy to the airwaves. It’s awesome.


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