It’s always good to be introspective. Life seemingly passes by in flashes these days, so it’s good to take a second to do some self-assessment. This is what rising star UPSAHL did throughout last year, and it led to her latest body of work, debut EP Hindsight 20/20. This act of reflection spurred the creation of lead single “Drugs”, which epitomises looking back over details and leaving with only what’s necessary.

This forwardness sticks throughout the EP, as delivered by opening track “All My Friends Are Rich”. Stark piano chords cut through the air as UPSAHL ponders how her peers can do something things, leading to some hilarious questions that soon bleeds into the larger-than-life instrumental that seems to have grown some ego along the way. Its transition into a heavier sound bleeds effortlessly into “Stressed”; a huge surprise. A booming brass sound envelops the world with all the fervour of headaches and people and all things awful. UPSHAL’s essentially throwing middle fingers to these things, backed massively by these mammoth sounds.

Hindsight 20/20 is a great EP from UPSAHL. It’s the result of internal explorations and experiences and details it in a way that’s accessible without being too bogged down. UPSAHL has shown a matured approach to her songwriting and it gives us some absolute bangers along the way.

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