At the start of the year, indie-pop duo V A L E introduced themselves to the world with ‘Fire’, a dazzling debut single that we had the pleasure of premiering. Now they return with new single ‘Better Place’ and once again, we have the pleasure of bringing that to your ears too! Now that it’s out officially, and this is the second time we’re working together, I think it’s time for V A L E and I to have “the talk”.

‘Better Place’ delivers another instrumental with all the traits that made ‘Fire’ so great: tropical synthesisers, 80’s-esque atmospheres and a summery vibe that’s hard to ignore. I’m getting the sun cream ready as we speak. It’s big booming sound is bolstered with a simple guitar lead that sinks it’s way into the hips, and allows the bouncy drums to come flooding in from behind. With lyrics detailing the anguish of longing for someone from the past, the track creates a strong contrast of deep, personal stories against the upbeat vibes of the instrumentation. The result is a song with serious grooves, and a chorus that’s very catchy too.

V A L E continue to build a buzz for themselves with this new single. ‘Better Place’ is a fantastic song and one that definitely gets me excited to hear more from this very promising act.


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