Vandebilt ¦ The North East band release new single “Pushing Through”

Vandebilt are only two singles into their discography so far and have already made a mark on us. New single “Pushing Through” is a dynamic explosion of sound projected into your ears at a frantic pace. With its drum and vocal intro it offers a rigid groove for the listener to get stuck into, before flooding the airwaves with synths that bubble and wallow their way into the hips. Guitars also chime in with the subtlest of grooves, completing the instrumental and turning it into a hurried rush of rhythm. The passionate delivery of the vocals pushes the urgency that the track has, allowing it to crash into elements of Disco and Punk to create something that’s proper exciting.

“Pushing Through” is a song that offers a punch with each second. It offers up vulnerability in a way that’s strong, and throws a middle finger to anyone who thinks otherwise. It’s awesome.

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