WASTE are a four piece from Stevenage and this is their new single ‘Run’. These guys have been around for a couple years and look set to bring some much needed firepower to the closing months of the year with this new tune, and let me tell you now, this is not a waste! I absolutely had to get that in there.

‘Run’ is a track that pummels into the skull from the get go. It’s intro is composed of thunderous guitars that build walls upon walls of distorted riffage against a furious collision of drums to immediately drill some haymakers into the mind. WASTE do a great job at maintaining the high tempo throughout, and the result is a track that does not hold off on delivering some glorious rock music to your ears.

I’m interested to hear more from WASTE to see which direction they go as ‘Run’ offers a sound that could have tons of potential for more bangers. BRING ME MORE BANGERS.

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