Waves of Dread / New Single / “Déjá Vu”

Fresh off of the massive reception of their last single “The Make-Believe” last year, Waves of Dread are back with new single “Déjá Vu”. I feel like that I’ve written that before. That’s right, with a solid debut record released and a follow-up single receiving a spot on Spotify’s Lo-fi Indie playlist; it seems the sky’s the limit for this burgeoning band. Who knows what’ll happen with this new single. Spot on the new year’s honours list, maybe?

What I love the most about Waves of Dread is that their sound has a steady progression to it. The sound we first heard on Waves of Dread was one filled with darkness and was rigid in its post-punk roots, but since then the band have started to embrace the happier side of Pop. “The Make-Believe” was sweet with lush instrumentation and “Déjá Vu” looks to take that even further. A sugar-sweet vocal harmony fills the room against equally papery drums, throwing all sorts of light and life into the mind. The heavy guitars and echoed vocals still remain, especially in that crunchy bass tone, but there’s a sweetness to it that makes the song sound so accessible and smooth.

“Déjá Vu” is a superb track from Waves of Dread and one that sees another positive in this change in sound. It retains a lot of the band’s foundation, but showcases exactly which direction it’s heading towards. Plus, it’s very, very loud. Me likey very muchy.

Have a listen to “Déjá Vu below and check out Waves of Dread on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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